Frequency fees guide spectrum use

FICORA charges a frequency fee for all radio licences and frequency reservations it grants. The frequency fee makes spectrum use more efficient. The prices of different frequency bands can be used for guiding users to frequencies with less traffic.

The amount of the frequency fee is based on:

  • the availability;
  • usability; and
  • number of frequencies included in the licence.

A frequency fee is also charged for frequency reservations.

For short-term radio licences, the fee is charged based on the period of use. However, the fee is at least 25 per cent of the annual frequency fee and always at least 18 euros.

Formulas and coefficients for calculating the fee

The frequency fee is calculated with the following formula:
Fee = C1 · Cinh · C6b · B0 · S · P, where

C1 = frequency band coefficient [pdf, 31 KB],
Cinh = population coefficient [pdf, 42 KB],
C6b = system coefficient [pdf, 26 KB],
B0 = relative band width [pdf, 35 KB],
S = basic fee coefficient [pdf, 28 KB] and
P = basic fee [pdf, 11 KB].

The table [pdf, 36 KB] lists the coefficients applied to different radio equipment groups. All coefficients are not used for all equipment groups.

When calculating the frequency fee for a ship or an aircraft radio station and mobile aeronautical radio transmitters, the above general formula is replaced with the coefficient of mode of operation Cmode [pdf, 22 KB].

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Updated 31.05.2016

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