Radio link

A radio link forms a fixed data transmission connection between two locations. A radio link can be used as an alternative to copper and optical cables. The data transmission rates of digital radio links are typically 34–200 Mbit/s. However, with appropriate technology it is possible to reach rates up to and above 800 Mbit/s.

The length of a radio link hop depends on the frequency used. For example, on frequencies below 10 GHz, the length of a radio link hop may be up to 60 km. On the 81 GHz frequency, the length is a few hundred metres.

If longer connections are needed, hops can be linked one after another. As a rule, the frequency range below 10.7 GHz is reserved for hop lengths of more than 20 km. Hop lengths exceeding 10 km are allowed for high capacity links.

Radio link transmitters require a licence

The frequency ranges and bands available for radio links in Finland are listed in the Frequency Allocation Table. The instructions on filling out the radio link licence application include the key information on:

the channel bandwidths and channel allocations used in different frequency ranges;

  • the applicable standards on radio link equipment;
  • the planning criteria applied by FICORA.

Instructions for the radio link licence application and technical requirements [pdf, 326 KB] (in Finnish)

Based on an interference analysis, FICORA determines the technical operating conditions for the frequency and polarisation of the radio link transmitter. Under the defined conditions, the radio link hop will function without harmful interference. To ensure the efficient use of frequencies, FICORA may also set requirements concerning the antennas and transmitter power used.

FICORA aims to issue a licence within 20 working days from receiving an application. FICORA also carries out interference analyses with neighbouring countries and, if necessary, coordinates frequencies with them. In such cases, the licence may only be issued after the frequency coordination has been approved by the spectrum management authority of the neighbouring country.

FICORA's Radio Frequency Regulation No. 4

Radio link licence application

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Updated 12.11.2015

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