FICORA grants radio licences

The use of most radio equipment requires a radio licence from FICORA. Radio licences ensure that radiocommunication functions properly.

The possession and use of a radio transmitter require a radio licence unless the equipment has particularly been exempted from licensing.

Based on radio licences, FICORA estimates how many users use frequencies and how the demand for frequencies develops. FICORA uses licence data to contact radio equipment users about limitations to use and other necessities.

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The licence application forms are available in the "Our services" section. There you can also view the information on your radio licence, submit changes related to your radio licence or customer details, and terminate your radio licence.

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Fill out the application carefully. Incorrect or missing information delays the processing of the application and may even cause the application to be rejected. If necessary, include in the application the name of the person responsible for the licence and his or her telephone number during office hours.

Renewing a radio licence

A radio licence is valid for a fixed period. FICORA renews licences automatically, without a separate application, if a consent for that has been given. FICORA will send you a notification before renewing your licence so that you can terminate the licence or request changes to it before the licence fee becomes due.

Termination of radio licence

When you no longer need a licence, please terminate it as soon as possible. If you terminate your licence before a new payment period begins (before the due date of the invoice), you will not have to pay the new fee. If you terminate your licence in the middle of a payment period, you will have to pay the licence fee for a full period. No payments will be refunded, in full or in part.

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