Preventing and investigating radio interference

FICORA investigates interference occurring in radiocommunications. FICORA also investigates interference that high-power radio stations cause to electrical appliances.

The following services have priority in the interference investigations:

  • emergency and safety communications and networks used by public authorities
  • backbone connections of telecommunications and mobile networks
  • programme transmission links in mass communication
  • radio networks for energy supply and public utilities.

Solving interference problems

If you have radio interference problems, keep in mind the following:

  • Check if there are any technical faults or malfunctions that may cause interference. Radio systems are vulnerable to external and often unpredictable interference. However, interference is often caused by a malfunction or some other technical defect in the radio system or receiver.
  • Examine the condition of antenna cables and connections.
  • Try using another device to see if the original device is faulty.
  • Ask whether your neighbours or other people in the area are experiencing similar interference, for example, to radio and television reception. If you are the only one with a problem, the source of interference is likely to be in your own house.

Powerful outdoor antenna prevents interference

The interference-free reception of radio and TV broadcasts requires a powerful outdoor antenna. In households using a community aerial, TV and radio receivers should always be connected to the community aerial network.

The coverage area of broadcasting transmitters is planned based on the presumption that broadcasts are received with an outdoor antenna. Interference-free broadcast reception cannot be guaranteed outside the coverage area.

Interference complaint

Radio interference notification form

Please provide the following information:

  • your contact information
  • description of the interference
  • place or area where the interference occurs.

To inform FICORA about radio interference by telephone, please call to +358295390241.

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Updated 26.06.2015

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