Obligations for importers

The importer of radio equipment must ensure the conformity of the equipment and ensure that all of the required documentation, information and markings are supplied with the equipment.

Importer means any natural or legal person established within the EU who places radio equipment from a third country on the EU market.

Importers and distributors of radio equipment are considered equal to the manufacturer and are subject to the same obligations as the manufacturer of radio equipment when they place radio equipment on the market under their own name or trademark, or modify radio equipment already placed on the market in a way that may affect its conformity.

The obligations for importers are laid down in the Information Society Code 917/2014 (in Finnish). Certain obligations are imposed on all economic operators.

Before placing radio equipment on the market, the importer must ensure that the manufacturer

  • has carried out conformity assessment on the radio equipment
  • drawn up the technical documentation
  • drawn up the EU declaration of conformity. The EU declaration of conformity must be accompanied with each item of radio equipment.

  • affixed a CE marking to the item of radio equipment or its data plate and packaging
  • affixed a type, batch or serial number or other element allowing its identification to the radio equipment
  • provided information on the radio frequencies used and the maximum transmission power with a radio transmitter
  • provided unambiguous and comprehensible instructions and safety information in Finnish and Swedish at the very least. The instructions must include the information needed for using the radio equipment for its intended use. The information must include a description of any accessories and additional components, including software, that make it possible to use the radio equipment for its intended use. The instructions supplied with radio equipment must also specify the EU Member States in which there are restrictions on the use of the equipment or its use requires a licence.
  • has specified the name, trademark and contact information of the manufacturer on each item of radio equipment or packaging or a document accompanied with the radio equipment.

The importer of radio equipment must ensure that the importer's name, trademark and contact information is provided with each item of radio equipment.

The importer of radio equipment must also ensure that, if necessary, the manufacturer carries out sample testing of radio equipment placed on the market to protect the health and safety of users and investigates complaints, non-conforming radio equipment and radio equipment recalls as well as keeps a register of them and informs distributors of all such supervision. The importer must also perform all of the above-mentioned measures itself, if necessary.

When the radio equipment is under the importer's responsibility, they must ensure that its storage and transport conditions do not jeopardise the conformity of the radio equipment.

The importer of radio equipment must keep a copy of the EU declaration of conformity for the radio equipment for ten years after the radio equipment was placed on the market available to FICORA and ensure that the technical documentation can be provided to FICORA, if requested.

The manufacturer of radio equipment, authorised representative, importer and distributor (economic operator) must ensure that when radio equipment is made available for the first time within the EU or when radio equipment is placed on the market, it meets the requirements laid down in the information Society Code 917/2014.

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Updated 19.07.2016

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