Obligations for all economic operators

The economic operators of radio equipment must ensure the conformity of the equipment and ensure that all of the required documentation, information and markings are supplied with the equipment.

The manufacturer of radio equipment, authorised representative, importer and distributor all are economic operators referred to in legislation. They all have the obligation to ensure that when radio equipment is made available for the first time or when radio equipment is placed on the market, it meets the requirements laid down in the information Society Code 917/2014 (in Finnish) in Finland.

An economic operator must provide FICORA with all requested documentation and information necessary to demonstrate the conformity of radio equipment. Economic operators must cooperate with FICORA to eliminate risks caused by radio equipment on the market. An economic operator must present FICORA with identifying information about all other economic operators that have supplied to it or to which it has supplied radio equipment. The identifying information must be kept for ten years after the delivery of the radio equipment.

If an economic operator has reason to believe that radio equipment which it has placed on the market or made available on the market is not compliant, it must take immediate corrective measures to bring the radio equipment into conformity, to withdraw it or to recall it. If an item of radio equipment made available on the Finnish market presents a risk, the liable economic operator must immediately inform the economic operator that supplied the radio equipment to it and FICORA, and report detailed information, especially with regard to the non-compliance and corrective actions taken and their results.

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Updated 18.07.2016

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