Radio licences and conformity of radio equipment guarantee interference-free radiocommunication

Radio equipment means wireless devices that use radio frequencies. It is important for radio equipment to operate on the frequencies allocated to it. Compliant radio equipment and radio licences issued by FICORA guarantee functional radio communications without interference. Only radio equipment that meets the requirements set for them may be sold and used in the EU.

The number of radio devices is continuously increasing and there are only a limited number of radio frequencies available. In order for radio equipment not to interfere with other radio equipment or be interfered by them, they must meet the requirements set for them in the EU. The key requirements for radio equipment are laid down in the Radio Equipment Directive.

When purchasing radio equipment, consumers should ensure that it bears a CE marking, which indicates that the manufacturer has ensured the conformity of the equipment.

Most radio equipment can be used without a radio licence issued by FICORA. If the use of radio equipment requires a radio licence, it must be applied for from FICORA.

More information about the use of radio equipment:

Buying and using radio equipment 

FICORA supervises sales and use of radio equipment in Finland.

What is radio equipment?

Radio equipment means wireless devices that use radio frequencies.

Radio equipment includes electrical and electronic devices that transmit and receive radio waves. A domestic appliance with an integrated radio component for wireless connection can also be considered radio equipment.

Examples of radio equipment:

  • mobile phone
  • wireless mouse and keyboard
  • WLAN access point
  • Bluetooth
  • radio-controlled toy
  • wireless thermometer
  • wireless headphones
  • door opener with a microwave sensor
  • radiotelephone
  • scanner receiver
  • television receiver
  • aeronautical radio equipment
  • maritime radio equipment

Sale, import and manufacture of radio equipment

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Updated 18.07.2016

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