Guidelines on using electronic services

FICORA's website uses cookies. The settings of a web browser define if it is allowed to receive cookies and third-party cookies when using the browser. Some services do not function properly without cookies.

The image verifications (CAPTCHA) in the electronic forms available in the 'Our services' section use third-party cookies. If the browser does not allow third-party cookies to be received, the image verification does not function (the verification code must be re-entered all the time although it would have been entered in its correct form). Thus, the forms cannot be sent to FICORA. The problem concerns all the most common browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and it may also occur when using mobile devices.

If you cannot change the settings of your browser so that the reception of third-party cookies is allowed, you can send e-mail to FICORA, instead of using the form, to the address viestintaviraston_asiakaspalvelu(at)

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Updated 29.10.2015

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