Applications and notifications for commencing operations

Notifications of electronic identification and trust services

Notifications on operations

A telecommunications operator submits an electronic notification to FICORA before commencing operations, if it engages in:

  1. general telecommunications (telecommunications notification);
  2. other than television broadcasting subject to a licence, if the service provider is established in Finland (broadcasting notification);
  3. video-on-demand audiovisual services, if the service provider is established in Finland (notification of video-on-demand audiovisual services);
  4. linear pay-television services in terrestrial digital mass communications network using a protection decoding system (pay-television service notification); and
  5. postal operations (notification on postal operations).

For more detailed instructions for submitting such notifications and the obligation to submit a notification, follow the link below.

The Fast Broadband project

In the Fast Broadband project, telecoms operators that regional councils have chosen to carry out the project may apply for state aid from FICORA for building the high-speed broadband infrastructure.

Before applying for state aid, we recommend that you read more about the application process and the monitoring and supervision of the project. Information is available in the section Guidance and supervision.

Applying for state aid

State aid payments

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Updated 05.01.2017

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