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How can I change my registrar?

A domain name holder may switch domain name registrars any time without any special reason. The old registrar must be involved in the process by creating a registrar transfer key and providing it to the new registrar. The registrar transfer key is a domain-specific code which means that it must be created separately for each domain name transferred from one registrar to another.

The domain name holder must either:

1) request the new registrar of its choice to obtain a registrar transfer key from the old registrar, or

2) request the registrar transfer key from the old registrar and give it to the new registrar.

Depending on the process, the new registrar receives the registrar transfer key either from the old registrar or from the holder, after which the new registrar can start managing the domain name. The request for switching registrars must be submitted to the old registrar in writing to make it possible to determine the time limit for providing the key or to clarify any unclear issues in retrospect.

The contractual relationship between a domain name holder and a registrar is not governed by domain name legislation. Any contract or consumer law issues arising from the switching of registrars are resolved under other legislation.

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