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How can I transfer my domain name to another holder?

A domain name holder may decide to transfer a valid domain name to another holder. A domain name may be transferred to another holder by using a domain-specific transfer key that the registrar orders for the current (previous) holder. The holder must authorise either its own registrar or the transfer recipient's (new holder) registrar to perform the transfer by providing the holder transfer key to the registrar in question. This procedure ensures that the domain name holder has consented to the transfer and that the registrar cannot transfer a domain name without the holder actually giving its consent.

The holder transfer key is a code defined by FICORA that registrars do not see or define. The holder transfer key is always sent to the current holder of the domain name that must give it to a registrar for the transfer.

The domain name registrar must technically perform the transfer within five working days from receiving the holder transfer key and the details of the new holder from the old domain name holder. This time limit is a statutory service level requirement.

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