Everyone is entitled to 2 Mbps broadband

Everyone is entitled to obtain a reasonably priced broadband connection of at least 2 Mbps to their home or place of business. In most parts of Finland, there is ample availability of broadband subscriptions. FICORA has designated a universal service provider for areas with no commercial broadband supply. The universal service provider is obliged to provide a functioning connection to the customer, if necessary.

A broadband connection may either be based on fixed solutions (e.g. ADSL, cable or optical fibre) or mobile network (3G or 4G). The download speed of the connection (how fast websites and their contents are downloaded) must be at least 2 Mbps but some variation is allowed. The average minimum speed must be:

  • 1.5 Mbps over a measurement period of 24 hours; and
  • 1 Mbps over any measurement period of 4 hours.

The right to a 2 Mbps broadband connection does not apply to holiday homes.
The right to broadband means that the user must be able to access internet at least in one spot at home or place of business. To achieve this, the user may have to improve their mobile broadband reception by connecting an additional antenna on the rooftop to the mobile router or USB modem. Read more about how to improve reception in the antenna guidelines. Your operator can also assist you in improving the reception.

If you experience problems with obtaining a functioning broadband subscription, follow these steps:

  • Read FICORA’s guidelines on improving reception and contact your operator for more instructions, if necessary.
  • In most cases, a broadband connection that functions sufficiently well may be achieved by connecting the mobile router to an antenna that is directed correctly.
  • If the instructions for improving reception do not make a difference, contact FICORA.
  • You can also contact FICORA if your operator says that you cannot have a functioning connection at you address even with an additional antenna, or if your operator fails to assist you.

You can search for a universal service provider providing broadband services in your post code area.

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Updated 11.10.2016

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