Everyone is entitled to functioning telephone and internet connection

In Finland, everyone is entitled to obtain a reasonably priced and functioning telephone connection and at least 2 Mbps broadband to their permanent place of residence or place of business. In addition, persons with hearing and speech impairment are entitled to a telephone subscription enabling text messages and to internet access enabling videoconferencing.

In Finland, consumers and businesses are entitled to obtain a functioning 2 Mbps broadband connection to their permanent place of residence or to place of business. This is called a universal service. The right does not apply to holiday homes.

FICORA safeguards the rights of users in areas with insufficient commercial supply by designating an operator to provide universal services. The right to a universal service means that the user must be able to use the connection at least in one spot at home or place of business. To achieve this, the user may need to improve the reception by connecting an additional antenna to a mobile router or GSM desk phone.

FICORA monitors the availability of universal services. You can find more information on universal services and improving reception on the subpages.

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Updated 13.10.2016

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