Subscription prices

It is worthwhile to compare broadband and telephone subscriptions through a competitive bidding process and to make price comparisons. This page contains information on service providers and price comparisons.

When purchasing a telephone or broadband subscription, you should check the valid prices and offers, as well as the related terms from the operators providing the subscription.

Below are the links to the largest mobile operators' websites:

Price comparisons

The objective of FICORA's price comparisons is to support the purchase of suitable and available subscriptions.

Price comparisons of mobile phone subscriptions

The price comparison of mobile phone subscription aims at taking into consideration consumers' different demands. The comparison consists of seven different user profiles and of subscription types provided to them. The most inexpensive subscription meeting the profile requirements has been selected from each operator. The prices are based on data gathered from public price tariffs. The tables do not take into account campaign prices, special offers or tie-in sales agreements.

Mobile phone subscription: telephone services

Price development

The following pages contain tables that describe price development occurred over the course of several years.

Price level of fixed network broadband subscriptions

Data transmission services: price level of data transmission services

Telephone services: price level of telephone services

Telecoms services: price level of telecoms services

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Updated 23.08.2017

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