Short message service (SMS) numbers

SMS numbers forward text messages sent from mobile devices to SMS services. FICORA grants SMS numbers.

SMS numbers forward text messages sent from mobile devices to SMS services. FICORA grants numbers for short message services.

Before applying for a number from FICORA, users must specify how many numbers they need and the contents of the service provided so that the service may be classified and numbered in accordance with the relevant legislation.

More information on the classification of services is available from FICORA's regulation 35 and the Teleforum ry (websites in Finnish) .

FICORA only grants the right to use

FICORA only grants the user the right to use a short message service number. The number granted is reserved for the user in all public mobile networks.

The user must separately agree on the following with a telecoms operator:
the implementation of the number
the services connected to the number
making the service available to users.

FICORA grants numbers with 5 or 6 digits

On application, FICORA grants numbers that begin with 12, 13, 16, 17 or 18. For now, FICORA only grants numbers that begin with 121–126, 131–135, 161–165, 169, 171–173, 177–179 or 181–185.

The numbers have five digits, for example 12235. Numbers that begin with 126, 169, 173, 177, 178 or 179 are an exception. They have six digits, for example 126255 and 173031.

Operator-specific numbers

Service numbers that are specific to a certain telecoms operator begin with 100 or 140–155. Operators providing subscriptions can use them for providing services to their own customers. These numbers are not granted by FICORA.

Number ranges and their uses

Number range according to first digits Use
100 operator-specific services
12x (x=1–6) universal access numbers
13x (x=1–5) non-profit services
140–155 operator-specific services
16x (x=1–5), 169*
consulting and ordering services
171–173, 177*
entertainment services
178*, 179
adult entertainment services
18x (x=1–5)
freephone services

* Numbers beginning with 169, 177 or 178 may only be used for services within the scope of the Finnish payment services act (290/2010).

Cancelling the right of use

Users can cancel the right to use a number by sending a free-form notification to FICORA. FICORA must also be notified of any changes in contact details.

Applying for an SMS number

Users can apply for SMS numbers by sending e-mail to lyhytsanoma.numerot(at) or filling out the electronic application form.

The application must include the following information:

  • primary and secondary alternatives for the number
  • applicant's contact details (contact person's name, telephone number and postal address)
  • applicant's Business ID and invoicing details for the numbering fee.

For the SMS numbers granted, FICORA charges an annual fee set by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


Provisions on the numbering of SMS numbers are included in FICORA's Regulation 32 on numbering in a public telephone network.

Provisions on the barring categories of SMS numbers are included in FICORA's Regulation 35 on barring categories in telecommunications.

SMS number application form

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