Numbers transferred from one telecoms operator to another

Based on agreement, a telecoms operator may use a part of a number range that FICORA has originally granted to some other operator. This way, the operator to which the numbers are transferred can provide subscriptions to customers under its own name.

The list below is based on the notifications FICORA has received from the telecoms operators that have transferred number ranges to other operators. The obligation to notify FICORA of the transfer is based on FICORA's Regulation 32 on numbering in a public telephone network.

All number ranges FICORA has granted to telecoms operators can be found on the web page based on FICORA's numbering decisions.

A telephone number may have been transferred to the network of another telecoms operator due to number portability. To find out which operator's network a number uses, call the service number 0800 02 202 free of charge or visit the website

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Updated 13.09.2017

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