Mobile networks

The telephone numbers of mobile networks and services begin with 04 or 050. FICORA grants telecoms operators mobile network area codes, or prefixes, that have 3 to 5 digits.

This is how you make a call in Finland from a landline telephone to a mobile phone with the area code 0abc:

0abc + telephone number
call using the operator providing your subscription
90XYZ + 0abc + telephone numbercall using a general carrier access code (XYZ indicates the telecoms operator)

Calling a mobile phone from abroad

To call a Finnish mobile phone from abroad, dial first the Finnish country code 358 and then the mobile network area code without the first zero (0).

For example, if the area code is 0abc dial: +358 abc 123 4567.

A list of the mobile network area codes FICORA has granted to telecoms operators is available here.

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Updated 01.12.2014

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