Long-distance calls

Long-distance traffic means calls that are made between different telecommunications areas. You can dial a long-distance call either with or without an operator-specific long-distance prefix.

When making a long-distance call, you can select the telecoms operator you prefer with a long-distance carrier access code. You can also select a specific telecoms operator by making a pre-selection agreement with it. If you have made a pre-selection agreement, the calls you make without dialling a carrier access code are directed to the network of the telecoms operator you have selected.

Long-distance carrier access codes begin with 10 and have 3 to 5 digits.

How to make a long-distance call

For example, to call from Helsinki to the number 345 6789 in Rovaniemi, dial the carrier access code and area code as follows:

016 345 6789 a call without a long-distance carrier access code
10X(Y)(Z) 016 345 6789 a call with a long-distance carrier access code [10X(Y)(Z) is the prefix with 3 to 5 digits]
90XYZ 016 345 6789 a call with a general carrier access code (XYZ indicates the telecoms operator)

If you have not made a carrier pre-selection agreement and do not dial a carrier access code, your call will be directed to the network determined by the telecoms operator providing your subscription.

A list of long-distance carrier access codes granted by FICORA is available here.

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Updated 01.12.2014

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