Local calls and telecommunications areas

Calls made within a telecommunications area are called local calls. Finland is geographically divided into 12 telecommunications areas. In terms of numbering, the Uusimaa telecommunications area is divided in two. Therefore, in practice, Finland has 13 telecommunications areas.

A map of the telecommunications areas is available here.

How to make a local call

To make a call within a telecommunications area, for example to the number 345 6789, dial the number as follows:

345 6789 all using the telecoms operator delivering the subscription
90XYZ 345 6789 call using a carrier access code (XYZ indicates the telecoms operator)

The number ranges granted to fixed telephone networks in different telecommunications areas are listed here. If the Operator column says FICORA, it means a number range that has been returned to FICORA but includes numbers ported between the networks of different telecoms operators.

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Updated 01.12.2014

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