Directory inquiries and onward call connection

The numbers allocated for service group I (non-profit services), as defined in FICORA's barring regulation, may be used for providing general directory enquiry services and onward connection of domestic calls.

According to FICORA's numbering regulation, the following numbers have been assigned to general directory enquiry services and national onward call connection services (i.e. switching). The services offered in these numbers must meet the content requirements specified below.

  • 118 – service number of the telecoms operator delivering the subscription
  • 0100 100
  • 02020x (x#8)
  • 075 000, 075 300, 075 320, 075 750 and 075 980
  • 075100–075199

Directory enquiries and international call connection

Directory enquiry services and national and international onward call connection services are provided in the following numbers:

  • 020208
  • 075 200–075 299

Service restrictions

The number 118 may only be used for directory enquiry services and national call connection services. Other service numbers may also be used for providing non-profit services in accordance with FICORA's barring regulation.

Service numbers may not be used for connecting calls to the following service groups defined in FICORA's barring regulation:

  • II – Consulting and ordering services
  • III – Entertainment services
  • IV – Adult entertainment services.

A telecoms operator may be granted permission to connect calls to specific and favourably priced numbers in service group II. Such numbers may include, for example, taxi ordering services. The permission is granted by self-regulation in the sector, in a process lead by MAPEL/Teleforum ry.

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Updated 01.12.2014

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