Calculatory basic rate charged for consumer telephone services

A charge of consumer telephone maximum price has been in the same level as last year. The maximum fare is governed by the Consumer Protection Act.

The compliance with the provision is monitored by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. FICORA is responsible for calculating and publishing the calculatory basic rate on a yearly basis.

According to chapter 2, section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act (1211/2013), a business shall not, with regard to telephone services concerning a consumer goods agreement the business has made, use such service that causes the consumer costs that exceed the rate in the consumer's subscription agreement or costs that exceed a calculatory basic rate corresponding the rate in the subscription agreement. The calculatory basic rate is a rate based on telecommunications operators' minimum pricing and market shares, and increased by 20 per cent.

Calculatory basic rate

The calculatory basic rate is 0,084 €/min.

Calculation of the basic rate

Further provisions on the calculation of the basic rate are provided in the Decree 109/2014, issued by the Ministry of Justice. In calculating the calculatory basic rate, FICORA must, according to the Decree, take into account the telecommunications operators that have the largest market shares on the basis of mobile subscription volumes and whose combined market share is at least 95%. For these operators, FICORA must calculate the average of the minimum rates in the tariffs of the mobile call fees that are charged per minute, taking into account the market share of each operator.

The calculatory basic rate is based on Telia Finland Oyj's, Elisa Oyj's and DNA Oy's mobile call tariffs that are valid in March 2018. The operators' combined market share calculated on the basis of mobile subscription volumes is 99%.

The basis for the calculation is formed by the following mobile phone tariffs with minute-based charging.

DNA Oy: DNA Mini Data 0,070 €/min
Elisa Oyj: Saunalahti Tarkka 0,069 €/min
Telia Finland Oyj: S 0,070 €/min

The market shares used in the calculation are based on the subscription volumes at the end of 2017. Information on the market shares was published on FICORA's website on 7 March 2018.

Market shares of mobile subscriptions

FICORA calculates and publishes the calculatory basic rate on a yearly basis. The basic rate will be published next time in March 2019. The basis for the calculation is the market share information in late 2018 and the tariff information valid in March 2019.

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Updated 08.05.2018

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