Invoicing and cost control

There are many ways to follow and control your phone costs. An itemised bill provides information on what your phone bill consists of. You can also pay items and services with your phone.

By means of different call barring and balance limit services, you can easily control your phone costs.

Duration of the invoicing period

Normally, the exact invoicing days are found on your phone bill. Sometimes there may be charges for the same day in consecutive bills. For example, an operator may charge calls made abroad only after it has received invoicing information from the foreign operator.

If you have not used the service very much, you may not receive a bill every month. In this case, the balance of the invoicing period is transferred onto the next bill. It is best to check the duration of the invoicing period from your operator.

There are many ways to control your costs

The operators provide several different ways of being a step ahead of your phone costs and managing them. Some of the provided services are mainly meant for keeping track on your phone costs, and they do not prevent you from using services. Nearly all operators provide services that help you to monitor your phone costs. Such services include balance inquiries and reminders. If you wish, you can restrict the use of communications services by making use of, for example, balance limit or call barring services. If you wish, you can also restrict the use of communications services by agreeing with your operator on a free-of-charge spend limit or by making use of, for example, balance limit or call barring services.

Calls from pre paid subscriptions are paid in advance

By selecting a pre paid subscription, you are able to manage the costs incurred from the use of your mobile phone. Calls from pre paid subscriptions are paid in advance. When the balance is full, you must first refill before you can use services subject to a fee.

To ensure the real-time consumption of the balance, pre paid subscriptions usually restrict calls to service numbers and they do not necessarily function abroad. It is neither usually possible to port the number of a pre paid subscription to another subscription.

It is also possible to buy items and services with a phone

It is possible to pay different items and services with a mobile phone. The fee is charged in conjunction with the phone bill. In this case, the operator and the seller of the item or service are together responsible for an eventual breach of contract. However, the operator's liability for damages is, at most, the price paid for the item or service.

If the item or service you have paid with your phone is not delivered or you suspect that it is defective, you can make a complaint directly to the seller. You are entitled to submit a complaint also to the operator that charges the service, i.e. your subscription operator.

If you need help for sorting out the case with the seller or operator, consumer advice provides guidance and conciliation help in the event of disputes. If necessary, the case can be taken to the Consumer Disputes Board for settling.

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Updated 31.08.2015

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