Mobile network coverage

The functionality of telephone and internet connections in mobile networks varies according to the network coverage. You can check the coverage from your operator's coverage map. If necessary, the coverage can be improved by using antennas.

The GSM mobile network practically covers nearly the entire Finland. The coverage of the 3G mobile network is very extensive. The coverage area of the 4G networks expands continuously, starting from densely-populated areas.

Factors affecting the coverage

The variation in the coverage and the gaps in the coverage area are characteristics related to the structure of the mobile networks. The coverage can vary in the same location at different times of the day and year, even during a single telephone call or internet connection.

The coverage is affected by the user's location in relation to the nearest base station. Typically, the signal between the base station and the terminal device is strong in the vicinity of the base station. The signal becomes weaker as the distance grows. In addition to the distance, the signal is weakened by the buildings, vegetation, altitude differences between the base station and the terminal device, and even weather conditions in the area. When the user moves during the connection, the network coverage changes as well. This can affect the connection.

Coverage maps

The coverage of the mobile network varies depending on the user's location. The coverage depends on the location and density of the base stations in the area. You can check the coverage from your operator's coverage map.

DNA, Coverage (in Finnish)

Elisa, Coverage (in Finnish)

Sonera, Coverage and speed maps (in Finnish)

However, the coverage can be poor also in the area marked in the map if the signal between the terminal device and the base station is weak. The signal is weakened, for example, by buildings, vegetation and even weather conditions.

The network operators are not obliged to build a nationwide coverage area for the mobile networks. However, the customers can contact their operators and request the coverage to be improved.

Improving the coverage

If the signal is weak and the coverage is discontinuous or slow for this reason, you can improve the coverage with an affordable desk antenna solution or an outdoor antenna. Guidelines for using antennas can be found in FICORA's guidelines.

Guidelines for improving the coverage

When the coverage disappears

When the coverage disappears temporarily in the network's normal coverage area, the reason is usually network disturbances. The operators inform of the disturbance on their websites. The disturbances can also be caused by alteration work in the network if the base stations' location or signals have been changed. Even in this case, your operation provides more information.

Network disturbances

Everyone is entitled to telephone and broadband access

In Finland, everyone is entitled to obtain a reasonably priced and functioning telephone and internet access to their permanent place of residence or place of business.

More information can be found on the page Right to a telephone and broadcast subscription.

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Updated 22.01.2018

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