Functionality of telephone and broadband subscriptions

The subscription's function and features, such as the speed of a broadband subscription, are defined in the subscription agreement.

The subscription describes, for example, the obtained telephone or broadband subscription's

  • delivery time
  • quality and features (such as the data transfer rate)
  • other rights and obligations of the agreement parties.

Possible subscription-related problems and disputes between the customer and the operator are solved on the basis of the information entered into the agreement. The operator's liability is also assessed on the basis of the agreement in case the delivery of the telephone or broadband subscription is late or there are faults or disturbance in the service.

The operator must implement its general communications services so that they are of good quality. FICORA has drafted regulations and guidelines concerning communications networks and services. FICORA monitors the technical functionality of communications networks and services by inspections and by monitoring faults and disturbances in communications networks.

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Network disturbance

The operators inform of disturbance in communications networks and services on their websites. If you come across problems in the use of your telephone or internet access service, you should contact your service provider first.

Error in services and service disruptions

You are entitled to compensation from the operator if the telephone service's quality does not correspond to the agreement terms or the marketing information. Notify the operator of any faults or problems in the service as soon as possible.

The service error to be compensated may, for example, be a long service disruption which is not caused by the exceptions referred to in the contract, such as network and other maintenance work. Also, broadband subscription speeds that are clearly slower than agreed may be categorised as service errors.

An error in communications services is not a temporary variation in speed of minor importance or a matter that the user is responsible for, such as a reason caused by the terminal device.

Customers have the right to demand the operator to correct any problems and faults in the service. If the error cannot be corrected, you are entitled to a price reduction.

In case of a service disruption, you are entitled to a standard compensation. The standard compensation is at least 20 euros for each week of interruption. However, the maximum compensation can be no more than 160 euros.

You are also entitled to compensation for the damage you have suffered. Compensation is paid for loss of income and other indirect damages only if the error is due to the negligence of the operator. A material breach of contract gives the right to cancel the agreement immediately.

Where do I get help?

You can contact Consumer Adviceand ask for advice and help for negations concerning the contract relationship between the operator and the customer or compensations. If necessary, you may take the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board.

FICORA will not handle any issues concerning the contract relationship between the operator and the customer or compensations. In other matters, you can contact FICORA via the contact forms.

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Updated 13.09.2016

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