Making changes to your domain name

Your registrar makes all changes to your fi-domain name. If you want to renew or transfer your domain name or remove it from the register, contact your registrar.

Your registrar performs all changes you may need to your domain name. Your registrar assists you, for instance, with the following:

If you are not sure whether you should contact your registrar, read more in Instructions and tips for holders.

Updating contact details

The contact details you have provided for your registrar are transmitted to FICORA's domain name register. FICORA may contact you in fi-domain name issues and send legally binding decisions to the email and postal addresses you have provided.

Check regularly that your contact details are up-to-date and notify your registrar about any changes. Your contact details are not automatically updated from the Population Information System or the registers maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

As the holder of the domain name, you are responsible for keeping your contact details updated. Old or incorrect contact details, email address in particular, may jeopardise your right to an fi-domain name in case you cannot be reached.

It is a crime to intentionally enter false details in an official register.

Renewing a domain name

An fi-domain name is valid for a fixed period. Contact your registrar to have your domain name renewed for you.

Transferring a domain name and removing it from the register

If you no longer need your fi-domain name, you can transfer a valid domain name to another holder or cancel it by removing it from the register before its expiration date. Your registrar performs both of these services on your behalf. The transfer is performed using a holder transfer key, that is valid for 30 days.

If the registrars are switched as well, when transferring the domain name to another holder, your registrar will advice how to proceed in the situation. If you want to authorize the transfer recipient's registrar to perform the transfer, you need to provide the registrar with both the holder transfer key and the registrar transfer key. The transfer recipient's registrar cannot perform the transfer unless the registrar has already started managing the domain name.

Changing a registrar

You can change your registrar without any special reason. You can request either your existing registrar or the future one to arrange the transfer. The request must be made in writing.

The transfer requires a registrar transfer key, that is valid for 30 days. Your registrar must perform the transfer within reasonable time.

If you want to change your registrar, you must either

  • authorise the new registrar to obtain the registrar transfer key from your previous registrar or
  • request the registrar transfer key from your previous registrar yourself and give it to the new registrar.

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Updated 23.09.2016

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