Before registering an fi-domain name

Consider carefully what kind of domain name you need. Before registration, it is also important to check that the domain name is lawful.

Fi-domain names are entered into the domain name register maintained by FICORA by registrars. The domain name holder decides a purpose of use for the domain name and obtains the necessary related services (e.g. name servers, website and email) from any service providers. The domain name may be chosen freely as long as it is available for application and does not violate protected names or trademarks.

How to choose a good domain name?

In order for the domain name to serve you and your needs the best, it should be clear and contain as few technical restrictions as possible. A good domain name

  • does not violate any names or trademarks already registered by another party
  • cannot be confused with another domain name. A name that is very similar to another name may lead to misunderstandings.
  • is based on a business name, auxiliary business name or word mark that you have registered yourself
  • is individual and reflects the subject or service in question
  • sounds clear also when spoken. Replacing letters å, ä and ö with a and o, for instance, may change the name's meaning into something unflattering. Remember also the technical requirements concerning the Finnish and Sami native characters as well as hyphen-minus.
  • may be used as an email address, if necessary. For example, the domain name is too complicated to be used as an email address

Both the characters contained in a domain name and protected names and trademarks are used as criteria for assessing whether the fi-domain name is lawful. Protected names or trademarks owned by another party prevent the registration of an identical domain name. Domain names that are too similar to another holder's name or trademark should not be reserved, either.

It is important to check that the fi-domain name is lawful before the registration. FICORA has the right to remove an fi-domain name identical or similar to a protected name or trademark if its holder requires the domain name to be removed from the fi-domain name register.

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Updated 08.08.2016

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