Information for domain name holders

Registrars register fi-domain names for their customers and provide services related to domain names. Typically registrars also offer technical services linked to domain names (e.g. names servers, web hosting and email).

Contact a registrar when

  • you want to have a contract with a registrar
  • you want to change your registrar
  • you want to update your contact details in the domain name register
  • you want to make changes to your domain name (transfer, remove from register, etc.)
  • you have questions regarding invoicing of domain names.

FICORA provides guidance when

  • you do not have a registrar for your registered fi-domain name
  • your registrar repeatedly neglects its statutory responsibilities or obligations
  • you need more information about the possibility to request another holder's fi-domain name to be removed from the fi-domain name register and the fi-root.

FICORA's customer service number is 0295 390 200. The telephone service provides advice on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

Questions and answers on domain names are also available in Our services on FICORA's website.

Contact another authority in the following cases:

  • Your issue concerns contents of a website. Monitoring web content does not fall within FICORA's competence. If necessary, you can report the issue to the police.
  • You have a question regarding the contents of a contract concluded with a registrar (termination of contract, change in prices, contractual provision, etc.) FICORA does not have the power to resolve disputes in the field of contract or consumer law. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority advises customers if they experience problems related to contracts.
  • You need more information on how to register a trademark or a business name. Finnish Patent and Registration Office provides advice on these matters.

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Updated 23.05.2017

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