PGP keys

Some of FICORA's emails concerning fi-domain names are signed with role keys (PGP keys).

PGP program is used for encrypting or signing emails. The program is based on the encryption of the public key.

  • An email is signed by the sender's secret key.
  • The signed email can be verified with the sender's public key.

The sender's public key can be used for checking whether the message is sent by the right party.

PGP keys used in fi-domain name services

keye-mail address key identificationfingerprintpurpose of usevalid until
Domain Tech [txt, 1 KB] B360B7332CD0 490D 8354 4E82 5788 0903 97CC 016C B360 B733Technical messagesWill be changed on 14.1.2019

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Updated 15.01.2018

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