Registration as a registrar

If you intend to start acting as an fi-domain name registrar, please note all obligations laid down by law carefully before registering with FICORA.

Operations of fi-domain name registrars are subject to the provisions of the Information Society Code. If you intend to start acting as a registrar, it is very important to consider in advance whether you will be able to meet all of the registrar’s statutory obligations, including information security requirements.

To register as a registrar, fill in FICORA's electronic form. Any changes in the submitted information must be notified to FICORA without delay. FICORA recommends that registrars update any changed information in FICORA's domain name register within three days.

You can use the fi-registrar logo in your operations as a fi-domain name registrar.

Statutory address for service and other email addresses

FICORA uses the email address entered in the domain name register for all hearings and service of notices related to fi-domain names, which means that documents or decisions related to domain names may always be issued by email. This ‘address for service’ has major legal importance, and notifying such address to FICORA is mandatory for the domain name registrar (section 165).

The address for service enables FICORA to quickly issue its binding decisions, since a decision or other document is deemed to have been received on the third day from sending the message, unless provided otherwise (section 312(2)).

It is crucial that a registrar has a correct address for service, and it is very important for the legal protection of the registrar to keep it up to date. Furthermore, it is the registrar’s duty to also provide the domain name holder's address for service and keep it up to date.

The registrar may also enter other email addresses in FICORA's electronic system if it is necessary to keep email addresses intended for processing everyday technical issues related to domain names separate from the mandatory address for service.

Resellers’ operations

FICORA supervises domain name registrars’ operations. If a registrar uses resellers in its operations, it always bears the responsibility for its rellers’ activities. A reseller may, for instance, offer customer support and invoicing services. If the registrar adds the details of its reseller in the fi-domain name register, the details appear in the whois information of fi-domain names under "Reseller".

The provisions of the Information Society Code oblige specifically the party that is registered as a registrar with FICORA. The registrar is also responsible for ensuring that its resellers adhere to the requirements for fi-domain name operations.

Notification of registrar's operations

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Updated 05.09.2016

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