Transferring domain names to a new holder

A registrar may transfer an fi-domain name to a new holder after confirming that the party requesting the transfer is authorised to do so.

A domain name holder may decide to transfer a valid domain name to another holder. After receiving a transfer request, a domain name registrar

  • ensures that the requesting party has the right to transfer the domain name
  • sends a holder transfer key to the domain name holder without seeing the content of the key
  • transfers the domain name from one holder to another within five working days from receiving the holder transfer key.

The holder must authorise a registrar to perform the transfer by providing the holder transfer key to the registrar in question. This procedure ensures that the domain name holder has consented to the transfer and that the registrar cannot transfer a domain name without the holder actually giving its consent.

The holder can authorise either its registrar or the transfer recipient's registrar to perform the transfer. The transfer recipient's registrar can perform the transfer only if it has been provided with both the holder transfer key and the registrar transfer key, with which it already has started managing the domain name.

The holder transfer key is a code defined by FICORA that registrars do not see or define. A holder transfer key is always sent to the current holder that must give it to a registrar for the transfer.

Right to request a transfer

A domain name registrar must make sure that only domain name holders or their authorised representatives request domain name transfers. In terms of the legal certainty of the holder, the transfer of a domain name is a significant measure and the domain name registrar must carry out the transfer carefully. In general, the recipient (new holder) of the domain name must be able to trust that there are legal grounds for the transfer.

If some other party than the domain name holder requests a transfer, the registrar must request an authorisation by the holder demonstrating that the requesting party has the right to act on the holder's behalf.

Transfer period

The domain name registrar must technically perform the transfer within five working days from receiving the holder transfer key and the details of the new holder from the old domain name holder. This time limit is a statutory service level requirement.

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Updated 23.09.2016

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