Terminating registrar's operations

A registrar must notify its customers and FICORA in case it terminates its operations. The registrar's customers must also be informed of any prohibition decisions issued by FICORA.

A domain name registrar must inform FICORA and its customers no less than two weeks in advance of terminating operations in order to safeguard the possibility of the registrar's customers (fi-domain name holders) to keep their domain names operable and to ensure that they have enough time to switch name server administrators before the domain name registrar terminates its operations.

The notification concerning the termination of operations must be made separately to each customer. For instance, publishing the information only on the registrar’s website is not adequate although it is recommended to use the website as a secondary means of communication. Email is an effective way to reach the customers, but it may also be necessary to attempt to reach the customers by phone.

FICORA recommends that registrars inform each customer well in advance both when terminating and temporarily suspending operations.

Notification of FICORA's prohibition decision

FICORA monitors that registrars’ operations comply with law and if necessary, issues a note of any violations. FICORA may decide to temporarily suspend a registrar's operations if the registrar does not remedy its defect or neglect despite of FICORA’s notes.

If FICORA issues a prohibition decision concerning the registrar’s operations, the registrar must notify its customers about this without delay since the customers may have to search for a new registrar in such cases.

FICORA implements the prohibition decision by shutting down the technical interface so that

  • the registrar is prevented from registering new domain names or
  • the registrar is also prevented from managing its customers’ existing domain names.

Closing a prepaid account

If a registrar terminates its operations, it can request that FICORA refunds the money which has not been used to registering or renewing domain names, deposited on the registrar's prepaid account.

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Updated 11.05.2017

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