Terminating domain names

Fi-domain name holders may terminate their domain name before the expiration date. Registrars must remove a domain name from FICORA's register upon request.

Termination of domain names (i.e. removing them from the fi-domain name register and the fi-root) is performed by registrars. Registrars terminate domain names at the request of the holder.

It is the registrar’s duty to ensure that

  • domain names are terminated only at the request of a domain name holder or the holder's authorised representative
  • no external party can intentionally or unintentionally terminate domain names
  • if the domain name holder is an organisation, the person requesting termination is authorised to do so (e.g. authorised to sign for the company as set out in the Trade Register).

Problems in termination

Terminating a domain name falsely may have significant financial effects. A registrar may even be held liable for false termination.

Legislation on domain names does not lay down provisions on the contractual relationship between a domain name holder and a domain name registrar, and contract, damages or consumer law issues arising from the termination are resolved under other legislation.

Read more:

Fi-domain name life cycle [pdf, 117 KB]

Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority

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Updated 11.05.2017

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