Switching registrars

In case an fi-domain name holder wants to switch registrars, the old registrar is involved in the process by creating a registrar transfer key and providing it to the holder or directly to the new registrar.

A domain name holder may switch domain name registrars any time. No special reason is required for switching registrars.

Stages of switching registrars

1) If a domain name holder wishes to switch registrars, the holder must either:

  • authorise the new registrar to obtain the registrar transfer key from the previous registrar or

  • request the registrar transfer key from the previous registrar and give it to the new registrar.

The request for switching registrars must be submitted to the registrar in writing to make it possible to determine the time limit for providing the key or to clarify any unclear issues in retrospect.

2) The old domain name registrar must ensure that the holder or the new domain name registrar has the right to request the registrar transfer key and provide it to the requesting party within five working days of an authorised request.

The old registrar must ensure carefully that no other than the registered domain name holder requests the switching of registrars. If the request is made by some other party, the requesting party must provide an appropriate authorisation. The domain name registrar may, for example, contact the holder to confirm that the authorisation is valid.

3) Depending on the process, the new registrar receives the registrar transfer key either from the old registrar or from the holder, after which the new registrar can start managing the domain name.

Registrar transfer key

A registrar transfer key means a code that enables the administration of a domain name to be transferred from one domain name registrar to another. The old registrar creates the code in the domain name system. The system does not send the code to the new registrar. Instead, the old registrar provides it, e.g. by telephone or email. The old registrar means the registrar giving up the administration of a domain name and the new registrar means the registrar assuming the administration of a domain name.

Domain names without registrar

A domain name holder needs a registrar transfer key if there is no registrar for the holder's domain name. In such case, the domain name holder requests the code from FICORA. After receiving the code, the holder gives it to the registrar of its choice and the registrar places the domain name under its management.

If problems arise

After the domain name holder has informed the old registrar of its intention to switch registrars, the registrar must take the necessary steps within a reasonable time (five working days) and contribute to a successful switching of domain name registrars.

If the old domain name registrar does not provide the registrar transfer key to the new registrar or holder within the specified time despite repeated requests, the new registrar may request FICORA to provide the registrar transfer key to the holder.

The contractual relationship between a domain name holder and a domain name registrar is not governed by domain name legislation, and contract or consumer law issues arising from the switching of registrars are resolved under other legislation.

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Updated 11.05.2017

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