Renewing domain names

Registrars inform fi-domain name holders when their domain names are about to expire.

A domain name registered in the domain name register is valid from one to five years. Registrars may renew domain names for one, two, three, four or five years at a time.

Domain names about to expire

When the validity period of an fi-domain name is about to expire, a domain name registrar:

  • informs the holder about the expiry well in advance
  • instructs the holder on how to submit a renewal request
  • provides the holder information about the consequences of not renewing the domain name.

The registrar and the domain name holder (customer) may conclude an agreement on renewing the domain name. Such agreement may state, for instance, that the registrar automatically ensures the validity of the customer's domain name and renews the domain name annually without informing the customer on the expiry.

FICORA does not control agreements between domain name holders and registrars or settle related contractual disputes.

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Fi-domain name life cycle [pdf, 117 KB]

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Updated 11.05.2017

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