Correct and up-to-date information

Registrars must ensure that their customers’ details in the fi-domain name register are up to date at the time of registration and also later on if the details change.

An fi-domain name must always be registered in the name of its actual holder. For example, it is not allowed to register a customer's fi-domain name in the registrar's name. If FICORA needs to investigate any unclear issues or settle disputes related to fi-domain names, it is the rights of the party registered as the domain name holder that are compared to the rights of other parties. It is very important for the legal protection of the registrar's customer that the holder entry is accurate and the domain name has been registered to the correct party.

The information in the domain name register must remain correct and up to date also after the registration. If the customer requests the registrar to modify the domain name, the registrar is obliged to:

Updating contact details

Registrars must keep the contact details of their fi-domain name customers up to date. Contact details must be updated at the request of the customer and also in other cases, if necessary.

It is the registrar’s duty to make sure that the notified details are correct and they are kept up to date. If the domain name holder (the registrar's customer) suffers damage due to the negligence of the registrar, the holder can claim for compensation.

Statutory address for service and other email addresses

FICORA uses the email address entered in the domain name register for hearings and service of notices, which means that documents or decisions related to domain names may always be issued by email. This 'address for service' has major legal importance, and it is mandatory to notify such address to FICORA (section 165).

The address for service enables FICORA to quickly issue its binding decisions, since a decision or other document is deemed to have been received on the third day from sending the message (section 312(2)).

It is crucial that the domain name holder's address for service is correct, and it is very important for the legal protection of the registrar, too, to keep it up to date. It is the registrar’s duty to provide the domain name holder's address for service and keep it up to date.

The registrar may also enter other email addresses in FICORA's electronic system if it is necessary to keep email addresses intended for processing everyday technical issues related to domain names separate from the mandatory address for service.

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Updated 11.05.2017

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