Obligations regarding service content

Registrars assist and advise their customers in all issues related to fi-domain names. Registrars enter fi-domain names in the domain name register and perform any related changes requested by the customers.

Domain name holders should contact their own registrar in all issues related to fi-domain names. Under the Information Society Code, registrars are responsible for ensuring the holders’ rights and providing them with sufficient information on fi-domain names and changes in the registrars’ operations.

At the request of their customers, registrars

Domain name registrars must also provide their customers with

Registration and renewal payments

Registrars pay FICORA for registering and renewing their customers’ domain names via the registrar's technical interface. According to the validity period the price for registration or renewal of a domain name is:

  • 1 year - EUR 9
  • 2 years - EUR 18
  • 3 years - EUR 27
  • 4 years - EUR 36
  • 5 years - EUR 45

Registrations and renewals are charged to the registrar's prepaid account in which the registrar deposits money in advance. The fees paid by the registrars are as provided in the Decree 660/2016 (in Finnish) of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Decree is available only in Finnish and Swedish.

FICORA does not refund any fees to the registrar even if the registrar had accidentally registered the domain name incorrectly or FICORA removed the domain name from the register by issuing a decision.

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Updated 11.05.2017

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