Change management

A domain name registrar must organise changes, maintenance and updates so that they disturb the operations as little as possible.

A domain name registrar must perform changes to the network, software, hardware, configuration, interface and equipment rooms in a controlled and systematic manner. The changes must disturb domain name registration operations as little as possible.

Planning changes

A domain name registrar must reserve sufficient amount of time for changes, maintenance and updates in order to perform them in a controlled manner. A registrar must define and document the underlying processes and practices.

Any disturbances arising from the changes, such as downtime, must be minimised. As downtime may sometimes be unavoidable and it should be possible to carry out planned changes with as few errors as possible, when estimating the required downtime, not only the service needs but also the realistic time needed for carrying out the changes carefully should be considered.

To manage changes and minimise damage, a domain name registrar must, before taking any actions

  • plan the phases of the changes
  • determine the required resources
  • estimate the impact and length of the changes
  • plan the measures to be taken if the changes do not turn out as planned.

For example, when the software of a device is replaced with another or its configuration is changed, it may be a good idea to simulate the impact of such changes in advance as far as possible to enable identifying and fixing errors before they materialise.

Documenting changes

A domain name registrar shall prepare and document the underlying processes and practices related to the changes to enable a systematic and predictable approach.

For each change, maintenance or update, a registrar shall, on a case-by-case basis and according to its established processes and practices, estimate and reserve adequate time for completing the change, maintenance or update.

Key words: Internet , Domain names

Updated 11.05.2017

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