FICORA in the social media

The social media is part of FICORA's multi-channel communications. The services of the social media are important communication and interaction channels to FICORA.

In the social media, FICORA communicates of topical issues related to the communications sector and FICORA. We share e.g. FICORA's web news, press releases and notices via the social media. We provide information on FICORA's services and topical events, as well as on citizens' rights to communications services. In addition, we show where reliable information is available.

You can find us via the following social media services



National Cyber Security Centre Finland



National Cyber Security Centre Finland






FICORA's blogs are available in Finnish on our website.

The Communications Division at FICORA coordinates and develops the communications in the social media. Also, experts from the Divisions at FICORA participate in maintaining the social media profiles.

Policy for the social media

The maintainers of FICORA's social media channels follow discussions in the channels mainly on weekdays during office hours.

In the social media, we do not handle individual enquiries related to communications services. Our customer service helps in problem situations. You can contact FICORA via the electronic contact form or by calling to the customer service .

We ask those who participate in the discussions to remember the rules of netiquette. We will remove inappropriate, threatening and racist comments. Messages and comments violating the protection of privacy or otherwise breaking the law will also be removed.

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Updated 24.03.2017

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