The provision of communications services will be more versatile

FICORA's strategic task is to promote the functionality and development of the communications networks, markets and services in order to create as many new communications services as possible. It is FICORA's task to boldly intervene if defects appear in the communications markets and provide frequencies for new purposes of use.

During the strategic period, FICORA will promote the market entry of communications services by using the following means.

FICORA boldly intervenes if defects appear in the communications markets

  • FICORA influences legislative drafting at national and EU level by using its legal powers to intervene effectively if any significant defects are identified on the market.
  • The authority regulates and steers communications markets wisely.
  • The priority for the regulation of significant market power (SMP) will be shifted from posteriori regulation to ex ante regulation, taking into account the communications legislation development, particularly the new tools enabled by the Code for Information Society and Communications Services.

FICORA will provide radio frequencies for new purposes of use

  • FICORA is an active participant in international preparation and development work on spectrum usage, with the aim of meeting Finland's needs and goals.
  • When FICORA allocates frequencies, it ensures that consumers, businesses and authorities have access to new wireless applications and technologies.
  • FICORA follows actively the development of smart radio systems and technologies, and aims to improve the efficient use of frequencies.

FICORA increases transparency in the markets

  • FICORA develops and produces methods and services that increase general awareness of the availability, quality and provision of communications services.
  • FICORA provides public situation awareness services to all user groups
  • The authority develops common services and operational models, in order to increase cooperation between sectoral players and authorities.

How will this appear to users?

Good and affordable communications connections

  • Users may select among various communications services as well as affordable communications connections of good quality.
  • The markets are healthy and also new telecoms operators can enter the market at reasonable prices and under reasonable conditions.

New services and products

  • An increasing number of wireless services are available.
  • Consumers and businesses can choose the Finnish fi-domain name which is a safe option.

More information on communications services

  • Users are given open information on operators and their communications services to back up their buying-decisions.
  • Information on the functionality of communications connections is also available in a transparent manner for users.

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Updated 21.11.2014

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