The availability of basic communications services will improve

FICORA ensures that basic communications services are accessible to everyone regardless of where they live. FICORA promotes the construction of fast broadband networks and ensures that the minimum requirements for postal, telephone, TV and broadband services are met.

During the strategic period, FICORA will promote the availability of basic services by using the following means.

FICORA supports the construction of fast broadband infrastructure

  • As a state authority, FICORA grants public aid for the construction of fast broadband networks in remote areas (Broadband 2015 project).
  • FICORA monitors the development of broadband markets, enhancing its monitoring of the use of fast broadband connections in particular.

FICORA ensures that the minimum requirement of postal, telephone, and broadband services is met

  • FICORA supervises that the basic communications services such as telecoms and postal services that are essential to citizens are equally available to them at reasonable rates and terms, and that people know what their rights to these services are.
  • FICORA identifies key consumer needs related to postal services and develops monitoring in order to better meet the needs of citizens.
  • The authority also develops the universal service supervision of telephone and broadband services, and participates in the development of visibility requirements for TV services.

How will this appear to users?

Basic telephone and broadband services

  • A basic telephone and broadband subscription (1 Mb/s) is available to all permanent places of residence and business establishments.
  • Accessible communications services are available to the disabled.

Advanced consumer protection

  • Consumers can trust the pricing and agreement terms of the communications services they have bought.

High-speed internet to all parts of Finland

  • State aid enables fast broadband connections also to the countryside, which improves business opportunities in sparsely populated areas.

Basic postal services

  • Basic postal services guaranteed by legislation must be available to everyone within a reasonable distance.

Efficient television and radio services

  • Television channels are visible and radio stations are audible where they are supposed to be seen and heard, according to licence.
  • Consumers are clearly able to distinguish advertising, sponsorship and product placement from other programme provision.

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Updated 21.11.2014

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