The functionality and security of communications networks and services will develop

FICORA increases the reliability of communications and society by ensuring that communications networks, information security and data protection are in order. It is FICORA's responsibility to strengthen national information security and sharpen technical steering and supervision.

FICORA promotes the reliability and security of networks and services by the following means.

FICORA strengthens national information security

  • FICORA produces versatile information security services for citizens and companies.
  • FICORA ensures that sectoral players take account of national and international information security obligations in information and communications systems.
  • The monitoring services of information security threats within the National Cyber Security Centre at FICORA are offered to the public administration as a so-called GOVCERT activity. This ensures that the public administration will be better prepared in the event of information security incidents.
  • FICORA is responsible for security matters related to handling of classified information in electronic communications.
  • A government function, based on its international counterparts, is likely to be established in Finland for the detection and resolution of information security threats and incidents, as well as maintaining an overview of information security.

FICORA sharpens technical steering and monitoring

  • FICORA is involved with and contributes to the advancement of legislation through a project of the Ministry of Transport and Communications called Code for Information Society and Communications Services. FICORA also delves into the sectoral players' possibilities for co-regulation and self-regulation.
  • FICORA promotes general awareness of the availability of communications networks and services, capacity and fault and disturbance situations by offering public situation awareness services to all user groups.
  • The authority maintains and develops its capability to detect interference, while intensifying cooperation with operators, contractors and other authorities.

How will this appear to users?

Functional communications connections

  • Telecommunications connections will be functional even in exceptional circumstances.
  • In case the connections are disrupted, users will have up-to-date information on the faults and disturbances of telecommunications connections.
  • Device manufacturers will have sufficiently interference-free frequencies. Consumers may also trust that the wireless device he uses functions faultlessly.

Advanced information security and confidential communications

  • Consumers and businesses have access to confidential and information-secure communications connections.
  • Users of communications services will keep up-to-date with information security risks and how to prevent them.
  • The security of electronic communications - the sender's and recipient's identity, and the origin, integrity and confidentiality of the data - is ensured by strong electronic identification and use of certificates.

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Updated 21.11.2014

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