The FICORA 2020 strategy aims at reliable and easy communications for everyone in Finland

According to its mission statement, FICORA "boldly monitors and promotes communications markets and services, in the interests of the general public, business and industry." FICORA's strategy is based on the mission statement, which supports the authority's long-term and systematic activities. It contains the key topics and responsibilities to which FICORA will give special attention. The strategy covers the years 2012 to 2020.

Vision and strategic goals

The FICORA strategy aims at a vision which ensures "reliable and easy communications for everyone in Finland" by 2020. This will be achieved by focusing on the three strategic goals and related priorities:

  1. Provision of communications services will be more versatile
  2. Availability of basic communications services will improve
  3. Reliability and security of communications networks and services will develop

Guiding principles

FICORA's guiding principles define how all the employees at FICORA do their daily work. FICORA has three guiding principles (former values):

  • We are proactive
    • We follow actively the development in our operational environment and aim at influencing it.
    • We develop our activities according to the changing demands in the operational environment.
  • We are objective
    • We are just and impartial in our work.
    • Our decisions are based on expertise and the best information available.
  • We cooperate
    • The atmosphere at FICORA is open and discussive.
    • We discuss openly with all shareholders and communicate actively about the decisions we make and intents we have.

Critical success factors

Critical success factors refer to those factors whose availability and application are necessary to achieving the strategic goals. FICORA has identified the following six critical success factors

  • Competent and active personnel
  • Courageous and inspiring leadership
  • Active participation and influence
  • Efficient information management and sharing
  • Functional and secure information systems and premises
  • Sustainable and sufficient financing

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Updated 21.11.2014

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