FICORA's organisation

FICORA has six divisions. Three of them - Markets, National Cyber Security Centre and Spectrum Management - are external. Administration, Information Management and Communications are FICORA's internal divisions. The Director-General is the head of FICORA.

The FICORA executive group

Kirsi Karlamaa Director-General
Johanna Juusela Director Markets
Jarno Ilme Director Spectrum Management
Jarkko Saarimäki Director National Cyber Security Centre
Ari-Pekka Neuvonen Director of Information Management Information Management
Hanna Tamminen Director of Communications Communications
Riitta Vuorela Director of Administration Administration
Klaus Nieminen representative of a staff association Juko
Kalle Pikkarainen representative of a staff association Viestintäviraston henkilöstö ry
Soile Pienimäki Executive Group Secretary

FICORA employs about 240 specialists within jurisprudence, economics and technology.

External divisions


The Markets Division is responsible for:

  • market surveillance and market analyses of the communications market in general, and monitoring of the operational environment
  • analyses and supervision of undertakings with significant market power (SMP)
  • the universal service of the telecommunications and postal markets, and other supervision of the postal market
  • the viability of communications networks and services
  • telecoms standardisation
  • supervision of the compliance with the EU Commission's Roaming Regulation
  • the supervision of television and radio operations
  • Fast Broadband project (state aid authority for broadband deployment in rural areas)
  • the coordination of data collection and data publication.

The Markets Division also provides legal interpretation coordination for all division.

Spectrum Management

The Spectrum Management Division is responsible for:

  • the use of radio frequencies and frequency planning
  • radio transmitter licences and other usage rights, and special proficiency required from radio transmitter users
  • ensuring the conformity assessment of radio and telecommunications terminal equipment, placing the equipment on the market, marking of equipment and market surveillance
  • the investigation and removal of radio interference
  • the unauthorized or unlawful use or possession of radio equipment
  • spectrum auction arrangements
  • notified body operations for telecommunications terminal and radio equipment
  • granting of short-term TV network licences
  • granting of radio and TV programme licences
  • the supervision of network licences
  • Customer Service
  • the handling of undeliverable postal items.

National Cyber Security Centre

The National Cyber Security Centre is responsible for:

  • the readiness of telecoms operators, and viability of communications networks and services in the event of faults and disturbances, and in exceptional circumstances
  • the protection of privacy in electronic communications
  • electronic identification and electronic signatures
  • official requirements in emergency traffic, interception and supervision of telecommunications
  • the duties of the National Communications Security Authority
  • Fi-domain name management.

FICORA's CERT-FI and NCSA-FI duties have been merged into the National Cyber Security Centre.

Internal divisions


The Administration is responsible for:

  • the development of operations and productivity, leadership, organisation and administration
  • operative and economic planning, budgets, financing, payments, financial statements and financial administration
  • internal audits, and arrangements for internal audits, and assessment of operations
  • personnel management, planning and development
  • material and real estate management
  • coordination of risk management.

Information Management

The Information Management is responsible for:

  • IT infrastructure, application maintenance and coor¬dination of usage
  • FICORA's information management strategy
  • information security related to information technology
  • IT systems, software and services as well as system design
  • document management and information services.


The Communications is responsible for:

  • the strategic and operative planning of FICORA's communications
  • FICORA's external and internal communications and marketing communications
  • FICORA's external image and common publications
  • FICORA's internet and intranet sites
  • FICORA's translation services and coordination of them.

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