Vocabulary of Cyber Security benefits both cyber experts and others interested in the field

FICORA has participated in a vocabulary project together with the Secretariat of the Security Committee, the National Emergency Supply Agency, and the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK. The result of the project - Vocabulary of Cyber Security - has now been published. The vocabulary clarifies cyber security related concepts, harmonises the Finnish terms and gives them Swedish and English equivalents.

The vocabulary comprises about 80 terms, and the relations between them are also presented by means of conceptual schemas. The vocabulary is maintained in the TSK’s term bank and it will be updated as necessary.

It is and has been important to make a vocabulary of cyber security. This makes it possible to talk about cyber security related phenomena and things using the same terms, and more and more people are able to follow discussions on the subject. The vocabulary also simplifies national research and opens up the cyber security environment for everyone.

Further information:

Link to the Security Committee's releases In Finnish

Link to the vocabulary

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