More than half of Finns have access to 100 Mbps broadband − regional differences remain large

Published 27.04.2018

Åland fared best in regional comparison of high-speed broadband availability. Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa had the largest proportions of 100+ Mbps broadband subscribers.

households. They had access to high-speed broadband either via a cable TV network or a fibre network. However, the majority of households had not subscribed to the ultra-fast broadband services but had opted for mobile broadband or a slower connection speed. Eighteen per cent of residential subscribers had broadband at 100 Mbps.

High-speed fixed-network availability refers to the share of residential subscribers who are either using an ultra-fast connection, have access to one or whose access to one requires only minor construction in the subscriber’s building or plot. Comparing availability as defined above, we find that availability is much higher in Åland than elsewhere, with as much as 94% of households having access to high-speed broadband. This trend is visible also in the municipal availability comparison, where Åland municipalities top the list.

Of the regions in Mainland Finland, Päijät-Häme and Satakunta boasted the highest availability figures of around 70%. Of the municipalities in Mainland Finland, Kokemäki, Kristiinankaupunki, Ranua and Sodankylä had the best availability percentages, while large cities were still not able to exceed 90%. In Lahti and Oulu, more than 10% of households did not have access to a fixed 100 Mbps broadband service. In Tampere, high-speed broadband was not available for around a quarter of households, while in Helsinki and Turku the figure was 40%.

For information on availability in individual municipalities, please refer to this table [xlsx, 14 KB].

In the comparison of residential subscribers to a broadband connection of 100 Mbps or higher, Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa were ahead of Åland, with more than a quarter of households in the two regions using high-speed broadband.

Share of subscriptions with a minimum (download) speed of 100 Mbps at the end of 2017.

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