Instant messaging now as popular as text messaging

Published 11.05.2018

Instant messaging services (such as WhatsApp and FB Messenger) have matched the popularity of text messages. This is the conclusion of the latest consumer survey by FICORA, which also indicates that very few homes currently have smart home appliances.

Finns send instant messages as often as they send SMSs, with more than 70 per cent using both services on a weekly basis. Only four years ago, SMSs were almost three times as popular as IM services. However, instant messaging and VoIP calls do not yet seem to be surpassing traditional telephony. As many as 96 per cent of Finns place a traditional call every week, while only slightly less than 40 per cent make internet calls weekly. Almost 70 per cent of Finns use social media services, such as Facebook or Twitter, weekly.

According to the consumer survey, more than three quarters of Finns use the free streaming services of Finnish TV broadcasters. Every fourth Finn reported having subscribed to Netflix, making it the most popular on-demand streaming service in Finland. Viaplay came second, having reached ten per cent of Finns. Streaming services are used regularly, with 56 per cent of Finns watching series or movies online on a weekly basis.

Finns’ online habits showed certain gender-based differences. Women use SMS and IM services and social media more often than men, while men watch videos and play computer games online more often than women.

Smart homes yet to make a breakthrough

Smart TVs are the most popular connected devices after computers and mobile devices: every third household currently has a smart TV. Next on the popularity list are gaming, sports and health devices, such as wearable fitness trackers, and surveillance systems.

Only around one tenth of Finns use their mobile phone to control their car or home devices, and for example smart home appliances (such as smart refrigerators) and smart speakers (connected voice-controlled speakers such as Amazon Echo) remain relatively rare.

Information security concerns slow down the adoption of smart devices. Three thirds of Finns consider the data collected on them by devices and applications as a threat, or are worried about device security.

The consumer survey was carried out by IRO Research Oy for FICORA. A total of 2,000 interviews with Finns aged 15 years or older were conducted for the survey. The telephone interviews were carried out in February-March 2018.

Click here to view a table of the results [xlsx, 69 KB].

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