Finns satisfied with mobile and broadband services

Published 10.01.2018

FICORA’s consumer survey from November 2017 shows that Finns are generally happy with their broadband and mobile phone services.

There were no significant changes in consumer satisfaction with telecom services compared to 2016. On average, consumers were as happy with their fixed and mobile broadband connections. Also the price/quality ratio of mobile subscriptions was rated at a similar level. Please note that expectations may vary according to service. A total of 1,000 telephone interviews were conducted for the survey.

2017 2016
Price/quality ratio of mobile subscription 3.8 3.9
Price/quality ratio of mobile broadband subscription 3.7 3.8
Performance of mobile broadband connection 3.8 3.7
Price/quality ratio of fixed broadband subscription 3.7 3.7
Performance of fixed broadband connection 3.8 3.8
Telecoms operators' customer service 3.7 3.7

Table 1. Consumer satisfaction with mobile phone and broadband services, 1 = very dissatisfied 5 = very satisfied, n = 529 - 995.

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