Finns roam across the EU at near-domestic cost − Elisa granted permission to apply a roaming surcharge

Published 27.04.2018

FICORA has granted Elisa permission to apply a roaming surcharge. Last year, Elisa was authorised to charge their customers a similar surcharge for data roaming within the EU area. The permission is effective from 15/06/2018. The maximum data roaming surcharge is 4.5 euros per GB (VAT excluded).

EU legislation aims at ‘Roam Like at Home’, meaning domestic prices across the EU. National Regulatory Authorities may grant telecoms a right to levy small surcharges if they can prove that applying EU roaming legislation causes them unreasonable losses and that a surcharge is necessary to ensure the sustainability of the operator's domestic pricing scheme. Under the Roaming Regulation, losses are considered unreasonable if they are more than 3 % of the total mobile services margin.

The surcharge can be no higher than the valid maximum wholesale charge. In practice, the surcharges for roaming are low and affordable to the user.

One June 15, 2017, FICORA granted the first EU Regulation based permission to levy roaming surcharges to four operators: DNA, Elisa, Telia and Moi. All of these four applicants met the conditions of the permission. The permissions to apply a roaming surcharge are valid for one year at a time. Elisa was the second company to seek and be granted the renewal of the permission. The first one was DNA.

Use data abroad without worries

Several Finnish telecom operators offer data roaming across the EU at Finnish prices. Check the prices that apply to your subscription from your service provider or at the latest from the automatic SMS you get from your service provider when you enter a new country.

For tips, check out FICORA’s web service

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