Finland aspires to be a leading 5G country: FICORA invites comments on regulation on auctioning of the 3.5 GHz range and on technical licence conditions

Published 23.05.2018 | Updated 26.07.2018

The new 5G mobile network technology provides a high-performance platform for wireless communications. 5G boosts digitalisation and meets the future wireless communications needs of user groups in a variety of sectors. FICORA invites comments on the regulation on auctioning of the 3.5 GHz range (3410–3800 MHz) and on technical licence conditions. These are of crucial importance in implementing the 5G network.

FICORA invites comments on FICORA Regulation M64B and the related explanatory notes concerning the auctioning of the 3.5 GHz range. Comments are also requested on technical licence conditions for radio licences granted for the 3.5 GHz frequency range. The deadline for submitting comments is June 26, 2018. Comments are submitted via the online service maintained by the Ministry of Justice.

There are significant geographical restrictions on the availability of the 3600–3800 MHz frequency range, which is why frequencies have been divided into two separate ranges in the Regulation.

With broad deployment anticipated in 2020, 5G mobile technology will enable fast and smooth access to the internet for devices, services and systems alike. Its key features include high capacity, short delays and low energy consumption.

Fast and reliable M2M communications enable the development of completely new applications for the needs of, for example, communications, traffic, robotics, and automation. Also the health sector, energy production and logistics require new secure real-time services with minimal delay.

Request for comment at (in Finnish)

Press release of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (in Finnish)

The documents concerning the 3.5 GHz auction can be found in the government project service (in Finnish)

Further information

Director-General Kirsi Karlamaa, FICORA, tel. 0295 390 403

Director, Spectrum Management Jarno Ilme, tel. 0295 390 574

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