Consumer satisfaction with postal services weakened slightly compared to the previous year

Published 19.01.2018

FICORA conducted a survey on consumers’ satisfaction with postal services in 2017, and found a slight decline from 2016.

While consumers in general remain quite satisfied with their postal services, the satisfaction rates have dropped slightly from 2016 according to the FICORA survey. The biggest decrease was in satisfaction with the speed of letter delivery, and consumers were also less happy with the reliability and success of letter and package deliveries. Satisfaction with the price of stamps for letters remained stable.

A total of 1,000 telephone interviews were conducted for the survey in November 2017.

Distance between home and nearest letterbox 4.0 4.2
Distance between home and nearest package drop-off or pick-up point (pick-up point or automat) 3.8 3.9
Distance between home and postal service point 3.7 3.8
Distance between home and post box (incoming mail) 4.4 4.5
Speed of letter delivery 3.3 3.7
Speed of package delivery 3.5 3.7
Reliability and success of package and letter delivery 3.5 3.8
Price level of stamps for letters 3.3 3.3
Price of package delivery 2.8 2.9

Table 1. Consumer satisfaction with postal services 1 = very dissatisfied 5 = very satisfied.

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